Once a piece of fabric used for wrapping and transporting,
today the Furoshiki with its elegant designs, has come to be widely used for decorating
as wall hangings, tablecloths, pillow tops and quilting.

Approximately 19" x 19" - 100% Cotton



$19.95 each

Kimono Patchwork
Navy Blue

Kimono Patchwork

Bunnies, Dragonflies &
Full Moon

Rabbits on China
Plates - Blue


Rabbit in the Moon
and Grasses

Rabbit in the Moon
and Grasses

Bunnies &


Otsuki Mi - Viewing the Moon

It is a Japanese tradition to enjoy "Otsuki Mi" (viewing the moon) on a full moon night in Autumn and make offerings of rice dumplings.

Cherry Blossoms

Summer Garden View

Autumn Maples

Winter Snow &

Dragon in the Clouds

Carp in the

Utamaro Geishas

"Red Mountain"

Shogatsu Mochi
Japanese New Year

Kabuto Samurai

"The Wave"

 Forest Bunnies

Kimonos Through
the Seasons - Navy

Kimonos Through
the Seasons - Red

 Tropical Orchids

 Girls Day

Boys Day Carp
Banners - Green

Maneki Neko with
Daruma Doll

Seven Treasures


Furoshiki Wraps
It is a Japanese tradition to take your gift, your potluck dish, or even your daily essentials, and wrap it all up furoshiki-style. This ancient elegant Japanese art of enfolding objects in fabric is demonstrated with step-by-step instructions and a beautiful gallery of photos.

The Art of Wrapping with Fabric
This centuries-old tradition of wrapping objects in a square piece of fabric is being revived with today's eco-friendly movement. Learn the four basic knots and folding techniques to make handbags, shopping bags, back packs, and more. Customize with traditional embroidery.

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Large Cotton Furoshiki

The fabric used to make these Furoshiki is very special with it's wonderful, rich texture and weight that the pictures can't do justice. You'll be nothing but thrilled with it when you touch it and can see the detail and colors close-up.  The rich colors, texture and size make it ideal for your bedroom wall or workout space.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths.  'Furo' is from the word for bath and 'shiki' is a thing that is spread on the ground.  In the Edo Period, from the 17th to 19th century, furoshiki were used to wrap the clean clothes in, carried the just worn clothes home, and in between, were spread on the bath house floor to stand on while changing.



Rabbits on China Plates
 $ 56.95

This beautiful 41" wide and 41" long Furoshiki, is a heavier weight doby texture, high quality 100% cotton. The actual circles are 11" tall and 11" wide. The rich colors and texture and size make it ideal for home decor. It features rabbits in 3 circular scenes, each scene is repeated three times. One scene includes traditional waves that reach out like fingers, and another has a fall scene of Susuki (Pampas Grass) blowing in the breeze under a crescent moon.  This would make a beautiful quilt or each plate could be cut out for individual projects.


Rabbits at Play under Full Moon - Blue
 $ 56.95

This one's quite large at 46" wide x 48" long, and is a heavier weight, high quality 100% cotton. The rich colors and texture and size make it ideal for home decor.  It features rabbits at play under a full moon, with the Susuki (Pampas Grass) gently swaying in the breeze, in a classic Fall scene.   There's even a rabbit in the moon . . . of course there's a rabbit there, as every Japanese well knows . . . and you thought it was  a man!  In Japanese folklore, the rabbit in the moon is making mochi, a traditional pounded rice cake.

Mon Family Crests
Navy  - $36.95

Lighter weight Navy Blue with an assortment of Mon - Japanese Family Crest. 39.37" x 39.37" (100cm x 100cm)

Kimono Patchwork
Navy Blue - $ 56.95

A charming kimono motif on a navy blue base. This one's about 46" x 46" (118cm x 118cm)  and is a high quality 100% cotton. The rich colors and texture and size make it ideal for home decor and patchwork project, too

Two Phoenix

 Navy Blue  - $49.95

This large furoshiki features a striking motif of two phoenix (Hou-ou).  This mythological creature was introduced to Japan from China in the 6th or 7th century and is a symbol of fire, the sun, justice, obedience and fidelity.  It is said that the Hou-ou only shows itself in times of peace and prosperity.
39.37" x 39.37" (100cm x 100cm)

Carp in the Waterfall
 $ 56.95

This stunning 46" x 46" Furoshiki, features rich colors and texture.  The size make it ideal for home decor and features carp fighting their way upstream in a raging current, a traditional symbol of strength, determination and fighting spirit.